North Star Water Softeners

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Economical Benefit:
You will notice a dramatic reduction in the amount of soaps and detergents after you install a water softener. Reduction in the cost of maintenance and replacement of pipes, water heater, and other appliances. Reduction in water bills because less water will be used for laundering and dish washing. Dishes will look less spotty from the mineral deposits from hard water. No stained on clothes making them last longer.

Health Benefit:
Removal of calcium and magnesium means healthy drinking water. Softer water keeps skin and hair looking healthy.

Environmtal Benefit :
Quick lathering means good water conservation due to reduction in the amount of water being used.
Reduction in the amount of wastewater being sent to your local wastewater treatment plant.
Increasing the useful life of appliances means less metals being dumped in landfills
Reductions in detergents used in homes mean reductions in phosphates being sent to the sewer and eventually to wastewater treatment plants. This eventually leads to less phosphates discharge to surface water which can cause eutrophication or algae bloom which can interfere with the ecosystem.

* Largest Manufacture since 1925

* Up to 60% less salt with the patented "Look Ahead Technology" than other softeners


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Water Softners

Nature's MiracleNature's MiracleQuality is built into every North Star water softener. North Star manufactures 95% of every water softener part, including salt tanks, mineral tanks, valves and controls. North Starís manufacturing facility is ISO 9001-2000 certified to ensure the highest level of quality. In addition, North Star water softeners are designed and built with fewer moving partsóand no metallic parts to become rusted or corroded. The result is a solidly constructed, reliable water softener that gives you precisely conditioned water day after day. Thatís quality!